martijos94 asked: I don't want to be a dick, and I'm sure you've got a lot of people jumping down your throat about Smash Bros. already, but I think you should play Smash Bros. with a competitive rule set before judging it's value as a competitive game. That's items off, two players, stocks instead of time, on a simple stage without hazards. It's just that hearing you talk about "Smash Bros. as a fighting game" while playing "Smash Bros. as a party game" is a bit jarring. And they are two very different games.


What makes you think I haven’t already done exactly that and found it to be a total snoozefest?

Yeah, Jeff. Why don’t you try turning off everything fun about the game?


Danny’s day part 3 - Barry eats a banana!

Eating a banana while not wearing pants. Game Grumps is really going all out with its fan service lately. Might want to tone down the lewdness just a touch.

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"Azure Striker Gunvolt" for the 3DS is the first commercial video game I have ever played where I have seen both the phrase "bigender" and "Xe" as a pronoun.

That’s pretty cool. The design for the protagonist in Japan is hella feminine as well, so I think Inticreates was really pushing this angle of gender being a lot more lax in the future. Their designs for the four guardians in Mega Man Zero were also pretty ambiguous in gender as well.

Zero xirself has long hair and boobs.


*points to pit* asexual

*kiu fandom in a large crying voice* no… you don’t underknow… he cant be ace………. Hes supposed to date so and so……………… Stop….. you’re wrong…… you cannot say this fake thing….

*points to pit* love this asexual character




It’s still OK to hit that, though, right?

It’s still OK to hit that, though, right?





SCAN TIME: An assuredly canon and occasional voyeuristic look into the early days of Mario’s career, courtesy of the first volume of the Donkey Kong Coloring & Activity Book. 

The most important thing about this is the revelation that Mario had to get hair plugs sometime between Donkey Kong and Super Mario 64.

Picture #3: Does a human woman see caged monkeys? Or do the monkeys see a human woman caged by the increasingly unrealistic expectations of a society driven half-mad by the race to achieve the “American Dream?”

Glad it’s the “authorized edition.” I’d hate to see what unauthorized would come up with.

As for the hair, much happier with his redesign for Super Mario Bros.



So Ulala was in VGCW.

She didn’t win once.

The only person in VGCW to job harder than Egoraptor.

Album Art



Lemon Demon - Redesign Your Logo

A newer Lemon Demon song. You HAVE to read the document it’s inspired by because it is the best story behind a song ever. The art and the picture below are both cut from the documentimageA disgruntled employee leaked the document that they use for future logo design and it is… the craziest thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

Here’s a link to it on my Dropbox

A music video is coming eventually that is basically a chopped up and edited version of the presentation

That document is just spectacular. Definitively perfect. Please drink Pepsi.

That document is absolutely frightening.

ArtistLemon Demon
TitleRedesign Your Logo