Video Game Characters Posing With The Old Versions Of Themselves

Pretty cool, but the only thing I don’t get is why Snake and Link aren’t with their original selves.

If we’re going to be picky enough that we’re not counting Metal Gear Solid as Snake’s original appearance, then I might as well point out that Super Mario Bros. wasn’t Mario’s original appearance and Grand Theft Auto used to be a 2D series.


H-Holy shit

I was onstage with Ninja Sex Party


I’ll put up the video as soon as I get it.
This weekend was amazing. <3

Oh, so you’re Emily! You were awesome up there, grooving to the beat and all that. Yes, Esmeralda, you are one lucky fan.


Just one of the toughest covers I ever made. Enjoy!

Sakurai directly responds to all the haters


Finally got around to posting some of my favorite photos from the Game Grumps Panel

The last one is when I asked a question to Dan and Ross started to draw me in my kigurumi :D

Grump Drawings

At the Game Grumps panel at Comic-Con, the Grumps (Barry not included) drew a bunch of funny pictures. I captured most of them here:

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